The business case


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Using Prenax can help any organization improve its subscription process while bringing down the cost of spend on content. Upon request, we will help you create and present a business case that will demonstrate this value to your company.

  • We’ll show you what you’re buying
  • We’ll tell you in detail how to improve your processes
  • We’ll present to you a program of how to make improvements and savings


We’ll find out what you’re buying, who’s reading it and how much you’re paying. We’ll even talk to publishers to give you a full picture. We’ll also take a look at your processes: how you search, approve and buy your content. At the end of this process, you’ll have a full health check on your organization’s spend on publications and subscriptions. We’ll give you a program of where you can improve processes and save on costs.

  • All of your data is visible in our system
  • You can see what everyone is ordering
  • You can control non-compliant spend


When you start working with us, everything becomes clear. You will see your whole organization mapped out online and see exactly who is spending what. This visibility can inform your budgeting as well as your approval processes. You can also put in slick approval processes so all users and managers have total control. Multi-user contracts will be visible so no seats are wasted and compliance is assured.

  • One click ordering and approval
  • Prenax handles all purchase orders, publisher invoices and renewal notices
  • You get one consolidated invoice every month or quarter - no more paperwork


The whole searching, approving, ordering and paying process is reduced to a click of a mouse. Control over ordering can be kept with a central administrator or pushed out the subscribers’ desktops. The mountains of publishers’ invoices are all processed by Prenax. We check their accuracy, reconcile them to orders, and pay the suppliers. All you get is one accurate invoice once a month or quarter with as much or as little detail as you want.

  • Buy only what you need for less money
  • Get full transparency and control over all of your purchasing and approvals
  • Streamline all processes so that your administration of the spend is slick, integrated and light-touch


Prenax enables your organization to save money by improving your processes and enabling better buying. You will get visibility and control over all spend enabling approval routines to be put in place. Approvals will be made with full knowledge of what is already purchased and what licenses your organization has. We’ll also consolidate purchases into bulk deals nationally and globally. The process improvements will see desktop ordering through to centralized management control: one vendor; one contact; one invoice.