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Prenax now partnering with Research Solutions

16th June 2021

Prenax is pleased to announce a new global partnership with Research Solutions.

Research Solutions (also known as Reprints Desk) specializes in improving the process of how articles are procured, accessed, and legally used in research, business intelligence and more. Their platform Article Galaxy helps users save admin time, cut down on overall spend, and makes accessing information easier.

Article Galaxy Research Platform Highlights:

  • Fast delivery of copyright compliant PDF articles (journals, book chapters, conference papers, technical reports and more)
  • Most articles delivered instantly or within minutes
  • Open access and active subscription filters
  • Duplicate detection for articles previously purchased within your organization
  • One click 24/7 web access (computer, tablet and mobile friendly)
  • Usage Analytics

As a premier subscription management agency, Prenax looks forward to working with Research Solutions to provide their platform to our clients. This expansion on our offerings will allow our clients additional opportunities to get the information they need from one vendor on one invoice. To learn more about Article Galaxy and how we can manage this for you, contact Prenax today.