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Process efficiency

We have seen good and bad practice over the years in all kinds of organizations. That experience has given us a excellent understanding of how efficiency can be built into the publications and subscriptions processes. Examples of sources of efficiency are:


  • Desktop ordering throughout the organization 
  • Integration with all with e-procurement platforms
  • Management of 100% of the pubs & subs business (including direct deals)
  • Monthly cross-referencing with joiners and leavers lists
  • All invoices consolidated into 4 or 12 per year
  • Saving of administrators’ and managers’ time
  • Automated approvals processes
  • Market Data “long tail” administration support
  • Extensive and custom reporting
  • Saves accounts payable time (subscriptions is a troublesome spend category being multi-vendor, multi-currency, high volume, low value, repetitive and error-prone)
  • Special deals and ‘offers’ can be honored – avoiding growth of maverick spend
  • Management of professional memberships
  • Outsourced library functions (check-in, claiming, shelf-ready delivery)

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