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The management of subscriptions forms the core of the Prenax suite of services.

Processing of all orders: we will process all of your subscription orders at the Prenax negotiated publisher rate or your negotiated corporate rate - whichever is the lowest. Potential bulk deals are identified, negotiated and cost allocated accordingly.

Management of all invoices: we will check publisher invoices for accuracy against purchase orders and ensure that cost center allocation is correctly calculated. Any error or lack of care anywhere in the lifecycle of a subscription will turn up in the invoice. A faultless invoice is proof of careful attention to detail throughout the whole process. EDI and automatic invoice uploading is easy with Prenax.

Processing of all claims: whatever these may be: online access issues, technical difficulties, as well as typical print-related issues- all claims are made by the customer service representative not outsourced to some far-off country. Nor are they “bundled” centrally prior to offshore processing. Prenax has the most efficient, effective and quick claim handling process in the industry. 

Processing of all renewals: most organizations have renewal dates spread throughout the year, with bulk deal contracts having a common renewal date. These contracts may be global, with the price dependent on the number of users. We’ll manage renewals the way you want to – line by line through the online system, or automated in bulk – it’s your call.

Provision of online management reports: as well as Prenax managing the administration of these contracts the client also has the advantage of accurate reporting through Prenax Online. Standard “one click” reports give you clear and exportable real-time reports on all aspects of your spend through Prenax. Customization is also easy to do online – giving you valuable market intelligence on trends and budgets.

Management of direct deals: if you choose to engage with Prenax as a vendor management partner, we will pass on all discount to you. This “non-agency” approach allows a three-way communication between the client, the publisher and Prenax. Each publisher and client has a slightly different way of operating, but Prenax finds the most efficient way of working together, ensuring the continued smooth running of all contracts.

Manage and access anywhere

Manage and access anywhere

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