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Single sign-on to view all content

Having to remember usernames and passwords is a common complaint of all users of online information, particularly when accessing it via mobile devices. Furthermore, gaining access through passwords means that there is always a risk of misuse and sharing, which risks breaking publishers’ terms of use and will usually result in legal action from the vendor. There are many companies willing to store this data on customers’ behalf in “password vaults” but the risk in having a whole organization’s personal passwords in one place is often unacceptable for most compliance departments! 

Prenax has teamed up with the most respected name in single sign-on authentication – Eduserv. Their OpenAthens products enable your organization to manage your users’ access to online resources securely and effectively. It is cloud based so requires no software installation and can be implemented without the need for IT involvement.

Prenax and Eduserv work behind the scenes to make any implementation of single sign-on services smooth and tailored to your organization. The maintenance of the database of users and their access rights to content, as well as the updating of contracts, is all managed by Prenax. For the users, all they see is a seamless one-click access to all of the online resources allocated to them.

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